Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It has been a while, I will update this more often I think. I accidentally found an amazing blog when I searched 'google' for inspiration on summery plaids at work.... for any fashion enthusiasts I highly recommend checking this out!
The Sartorialist
very inspirational visually, I find myself looking every morning before work to see the latest posts, wishing I could travel more and get out of Ohio...I was inspired enough to book a flight to NY for Labor Day weekend and I am counting down the days until. New York City, drinks with old friends and shopping for shoes: what else does a girl need?
Realistically lots more, but this will do.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thoughts & Inspiration - 2007 Collection as part of PowerStyle! an adventure in form and apparel

As an artist and designer I am inspired by the complexity of emotion and how it affects us humans. My collection, (Spring/Summer 07), is driven by the conflict or struggle between good and evil and how it may appear in human form. I am interested in conveying the idea that we all have a dual personality and I would like to reflect the figurative “light (ethereal)” and “dark (evil)” in the four complete looks of my collection. Another source of inspiration is the “unlikely hero” aspect, and the monster (or distorted being) that is also behind the complete superhero being. This collection is also a journey of storytelling and a reflection of my love of Eastern European folklore. I am drawn to explore dramatic lighting, unusual color combinations, tailored details, directional shapes, fluid volume, contrasting textures, layered styling and graphic appearance.

Main Themes Explored In Collection:
Duality, Night & Day, Light & Dark, Symbology and Icons.

The “Human” and “Superhuman” qualities in who we call “superheroes”, the presence of good and evil, light and dark, day and night, a duality that exists in conflict in one’s being, inner struggle.

Inspiration from the Comic Arts:
Illustration, Color Usage. Themes and Mood in the comics “Hellboy”, “Spawn”, “Batman”.

Inspiration from Literature:
Hungarian Folk Tales.
Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”.

Inspiration from Film:
David Lynch’s exaggerated personification of “good” and “evil”.
Film Noir Genre.

I hope to achieve a sense of casual and wearable duality, that exists within my collection, by creating garments to symbolize the light, the ethereal, the good, the day, etc. and garments that bring to mind the opposite which is darkness, gloom, evil and the night. My collection reflects the balance that exists in the human soul, in nature and the universe.